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Fresh Pick | BEYOND VALOR by Lindsay McKenna
Fresh Pick / March 22, 2013

Black Jaguar Squadron February 2013 On Sale: January 22, 2013 Featuring: Luke Collier; Megan Trayhern 282 pages ISBN: 0373278098 EAN: 9780373278091 Kindle: B009YF4UQW Paperback / e-Book $5.50 Add to Wish List Romance Suspense Buy at Continuing our military romance week Beyond Valor by Lindsay McKenna An Army of Two… “YOU MAKE ME FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE.” Luke Collier knows his duty. A marine corps combat medic, his job is to save lives-not satisfy his own desires. Megan Trayhern is his corpsman, but the beautiful redhead can’t be anything more. Luke has already given his heart once, and he understands the toll the corps can take on a woman, on a romance…on a marriage. Megan has her own mission. While she doles out medical care in the nearby village, she’s also gathering intel. It’s a dangerous assignment, one that the onetime military brat undertakes without fear. She needs to focus-and be careful-and the growing passion she feels for Luke can only put them both at risk. Honor binds them both, but the heart gives its own orders…. Rules and a harsh world can’t stop their love from growing Excerpt “Your number’s up, Luke,” Sergeant Bucephalus warned.   Navy field medic Luke…

Denise Swanson | Second Books/Second Series
Author Guest / March 22, 2013

It took me a long time to decide to write a second mystery series. I’d heard that although readers want their favorite authors to produce more books, they also tended to be very upset with the author if her new series was too different from her previous one. I’d also been told that some readers might feel that if an author writes more than one book a year, she was just being greedy and “cranking” them out. So I used these fears as an excuse I to stick to what I was comfortable doing—writing one Scumble River mystery every twelve months. But then a character named Devereaux Sinclair popped into my head and started telling me about her life. Dev, which she assured me was what most people call her, was a financial advisor for six years before buying her hometown dime store. Her boss viewed the glass ceiling as a protective barrier and her colleagues committed most of the seven deadly sins before their first coffee break. She lives in the fictional town of Shadow Bend, Missouri with her grandmother, Birdie. Her father is in jail for vehicular manslaughter and her mother is hiding from the shame in California….