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Ann Lawrence | A Rebirth…the Difficulties of a Re-Release
Author Guest / March 23, 2013

Giving birth is really hard, but we forget the pain in the joy of the new baby. Writing a book is a little like giving birth as well, sometimes painful, mostly joyful. Rereleasing a book is like going through childbirth all over again. I’m joyful to see my novels coming out as ebooks, but suffering the pains that go with it. Old covers disappear like old friends, and I have to make friends with the new ones. How do you feel about covers? Do they make you want to buy a book? I’m a sucker for a great half-naked man but also for a misty Scottish coast with a castle in the background. My LORD OF THE KEEP is now available in ebook with a new cover. LORD OF THE MIST is coming this April. I received more mail on LORD OF THE MIST‘s cover than on any other. The artist, Jon Paul Ferrara, did a gorgeous job, and I have that cover framed over my desk. But I wonder . . . does the cover matter so much? My friends and I debate this all the time. One friend I’ll call Mr. SAMPLER, may pick up a book for…