Fresh FIction Box Not To Miss
Macy Beckett | It’s the thought that counts…right?
Author Guest / March 28, 2013

Hi, Fresh Fiction-ers! I’m Macy Beckett, author of the Sultry Springs series: where first loves find second chances. Today I want to dish about romantic gift-giving—you know, a gift that goes above and beyond the ol’ flowers and candy routine. Something with sentiment behind it. In my newest release, A SHOT OF SULTRY, Trey Lewis (who you met in book one) gives Bobbi a seemingly trivial gift that touches her deeply…a handheld Tetris game.  Why does the present resonate with her? Because she’s a slightly-neurotic control freak who likes to put everything in its place. Here’s an excerpt that explains how Bobbi feels: As she topped her own high score for the fourth time, she reflected that while Tetris wasn’t the most expensive gift she’d ever received, it was—hands down—the most thoughtful, because it showed that Trey knew her. He’d seen this game displayed by a cash register and had thought of her, and that was the real reward. This wasn’t some token present from the jewelry store like the hastily purchased white gold earrings her ex had given her for Christmas a couple of years ago. Lovely hoops, to be sure, but she must’ve mentioned half a dozen times…