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Carla Caruso | Nineties-spiration
Author Guest / March 31, 2013

I had my “coming of age” right when chick-lit and chick flicks were at the fore. I went from a teen to a twenty-something during the late nineties to early noughties. I’ve just written a book, SECOND CHANCE, involving time-travel to the summer of 1998, and I’ve realised that year (and the surrounding ones) defined me – and my writing. So here’s a list of some of my favourite reads from “way back when”. Hope you spot a few of your faves in there too!… · BRIDGET JONES. London writer Helen Fielding’s fictionalised newspaper columns about a thirty-something single woman were turned into a novel in ‘96 (and later another book and two films). They centred on a lass trying to make sense of life and love with the help of a surrogate “urban family” of pals – very much a theme of the nineties (think Friends and Sex and the City). · SEX AND THE CITY. Before Sarah Jessica Parker became “Carrie” was the anthology of New York newspaper columns by Candace Bushnell, based on her and her friends’ lives, published in ‘97. The phenomenon spawned a TV series and movies – plus, the current Carrie Diaries prequel novels…