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Ann Lawrence | The Joy of Sequel Characters
Author Guest / June 7, 2013

Don’t you just love sequel characters? I know I do. I love returning to a series, discovering the new romance, but also learning more about the lives of the characters from an earlier book. LORD OF THE HUNT, being reissued this month in ebook form, is all about sequel characters. When I finished my historical romance, LORD OF THE MIST, I really missed the characters. The emails I received told me fans wanted to know more about the characters as well. I aim to please, so LORD OF THE HUNT, crafted around a character from LORD OF THE MIST, was born. Along with sequel characters, I also love SECRETS! LORD OF THE HUNT has lots of secrets. The hero, Adam Quintin, has two. First, he’s really the son of the banished lord of Ravenswood Castle. This isn’t a spoiler, you know this right away. His second secret could have two results…fabulous rewards or death! Adam must hunt down a traitor who is conspiring with the French king against England. Adam is willing to risk death for the reward of catching this traitor, but Adam doesn’t care about gold or silver. Instead, he wants to win back Ravenswood for his family….