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Adrienne Giordano | Moments
Author Guest / June 14, 2013

I think it’s safe to say there are moments for every writer when an idea flashes and we jump on that sucker with the force of a hurricane hitting land. For me, that idea sometimes comes from watching the news or reading a newspaper. Recently, it came from a place I hadn’t expected. Facebook. Yep, I was scrolling through my personal page catching up with my family and friends and spotted a photo album my sister-in-law had posted while vacationing in Italy with my brother, their kids and my mother. One of the photos was of my mother and a cousin she hadn’t met before. I guess I should be honest and say my mother is at a place in life where there are more goodbyes than hellos to people she loves. I imagine this must be hard. This getting older and losing loved-ones. But then there are moments that can only come with having lived a full life. Moments that are randomly captured by my photography obsessed sister-in-law who secretly located one of my mother’s cousins in Italy. While on vacation, my mother had no idea she’d be meeting a family member for the first time. She learned of…