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Laura Griffin | EXPOSED
Author Guest / June 26, 2013

Writing romantic suspense is an adventure. My heroes and heroines include police detectives, CSIs, DNA experts, and forensic anthropologists like you see on the TV show Bones. The heroine of my new book, EXPOSED, is a forensic photographer. Every time Maddie Callahan grabs her camera and heads off to a crime scene, she is on a mission to help bring criminals to justice. EXPOSED is the latest book in my Tracers series, which focuses on a world-renowned crime lab where an elite group of forensic scientists known as Tracers help police detectives solve their very toughest cases. Maddie loves working at the crime lab and has built a stellar career as a forensic photographer. Her personal, on the other hand, needs help. After a major loss, Maddie has shut herself off from relationships, especially with men. But when she crosses paths with FBI agent Brian Beckman, all bets are off. Brian is determined to get past Maddie’s defenses and gain her trust. When a photograph Maddie took becomes key evidence in a federal investigation, Brian realizes Maddie’s life is in danger because of something she saw through her camera lens. He is intent on protecting her… and also unlocking her…