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TD Hassett | Her weird writing process
Author Guest / January 4, 2014

I admit it; my process is a bit backward. First the character calls to me then the plot slowly evolves. I start to feel like I’m writing about real people and I hear their dialogue in my head.  My current work in progress has a hero that came to me while watching episodes of Lost on Netflix.  The character of Sawyer from the show was a man you love and hate and I wanted that for my next book.  Often I listen to classic rock and type away. It’s the same songs I grew up listening to and I find the feelings of nostalgia spark my creative side. The strangest thing I do when writing though is walk around my neighborhood, dictating plot into a digital recorder.  Every once in a while I have to change words around or take a break because the kids are out playing and I’ve reached a steamy scene.  They probably all think I am nuts anyway! I suppose I started wanting to write after reading Julie Garwood’s books – they made me laugh, cry and sometimes want to attack my husband.  The strong hero brought to heel by an even stronger heroine is very…