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Boas & Tiaras 2014 – Raffle Prizes Arriving Daily!
News / March 10, 2014

Our Raffle Chair, Pat Richardson, is pleased to tell us the prizes for our annual Boas & Tiaras have started to arrive. Our 12th Annual Boas & Tiaras will be held on Saturday, June 14th 1pm to 5pm and is one of our bigger fund raisers for Plano Family Literacy, besides giving us the opportunity to polish our tiaras and don them for a fun afternoon visit with readers and  favorite authors enjoy tea with scones and other delicacies without calories (only on special tea days) If you would like to join the fun by contributing a raffle basket or items for a basket, please contact Pat. She’s got all the details! We hope you can join us in June as we celebrate our 12th Boas & Tiaras. Tickets are available. Authors wishing to join us for the tea and signing are welcome too! Sign up today!  

Two New Bliss Releases available today
Romance / March 10, 2014

At Entangled’s Bliss line, we’ve always focused on telling amazing stories of modern women and men, finding their happily ever after in a small-town setting and with the help of their families and friends. We love focusing on the emotion, the feelings, and the fun associated with falling in love for the first—and last—time. We’re thrilled to announce two new stories coming in March sure to melt readers’ hearts: HER SUMMER WITH THE MARINE by Susan Meier and STEALING THE GROOM by Sonya Weiss. Susan’s is the story of long-time rivals Finn and Ellie, who are pitted against each other once again when their competing businesses both need new customers in order to survive. Sonya’s is the story of long-time best friends Chad and Amelia, who end up in a precarious situation when Amelia “steals” Chad away from the altar, sure he’s marrying the wrong woman for the wrong reasons. Two stories full of the emotion, humor, heartwarming moments, and relatable characters that have come to define Bliss. We’re particularly excited, however, to announce that Susan’s novel will be the first in an expansion of the Bliss line called Red-Hot Bliss: the same focus on the nice, but with a…

Peter Leonard | Manner of Death: Homicide
Author Guest / March 10, 2014

My younger sister, Katy had dated a guy named Steve Walton when she was in college. I remembered him as a skinny beer-drinking kid. So you can imagine my surprise when I found out Steve was Lieutenant Steve Walton in charge Detroit Police Homicide Squads Three and Four, now a buttoned-up, experienced professional. I called him, reintroduced myself and asked if I could spend some time with homicide and observe how murders were investigated and solved. After getting clearance from the top brass I was in business. I was assigned to the afternoon shift: four till midnight. I would arrive and talk to detectives for a while and then read old case files. I would study the often grisly crime scene photos, the lifeless body of a man or woman, shot and laying in a pool of blood. I would read the investigator’s report. I would look at photos of the body taken by the medical examiner, close up detail of the entrance and exit wounds. I would study the ballistics information, lab tests done on shell casings and bullet fragments to determine what kind of weapon fired the fatal shot or shots. It was a fascinating glimpse into the…

Dennis Nehamen | A Letter from Zacchaeus Miller
Author Guest / March 10, 2014

I am writing this note to you before everything is set to happen. You know, just in case I don’t make it out of here alive. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my manuscript, and if I’m still around by the time you’re done… hey. I’d love to hear what you think. Sincerely, Zacchaeus Miller That’s me. I’m the protagonist in Dennis Nehamen‘s MISTAKEN ENEMY, the first in a series of Zach Miller Thrillers. Revealing that I did live to tell my story gives away little—there were lots of shocking, mysterious and terrifying moments along the journey that I’ll refrain from revealing. Most important, besides my survival, is that I grew as a person from the experiences I was forced to endure. Looking back at myself when I left for Israel, I’d have to say I was an early thirties young man needing to find a purpose. I wrote but was never inspired from the deeper well of my soul. Then I met Jivin, a mystic Mescalero Indian boy…and everything changed. It was toward the end of the adventure when we had a discussion I’d like to share. “So what you’re saying is our lives are beyond…

SE Jakes
Author Guest / March 10, 2014

Thanks so much for having me here today, so I can shout about the fact that Free Falling’s getting a re-release with Riptide! I’m so excited about this, you have no idea. For me, this is the book that started the Hell or High Water series (see below for more on that). Free Falling originally came out in December of 2012—it was the first book I self-published, and I worked with Sarah Frantz as my editor (and she’s now my Riptide editor as well) and the entire experience was simply awesome. This would also be the second book Prophet inserted himself into (the first was Bound For Keeps). It was then I realized that the man needed his own series or else he would show up in every single book I wrote. But for FREE FALLING, it certainly cemented the bond between Blue and Prophet. I’ve brought Blue and Mick back in Long Time Gone (Hell or High Water 2) and yes, I’m totally planning a Free Falling sequel, which would happen sometime post DIRTY LOVE (Dirty Deeds 3). Because I can’t get enough of Blue, my favorite thief, and Mick, the man who’ll chase him every single time. The…