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Fresh Pick | THE CHANCE by Robyn Carr
Fresh Pick / March 18, 2014

Thunder Point #4 March 2014 On Sale: February 25, 2014 Featuring: Laine Carrington; Eric Gentry 400 pages ISBN: 0778315991 EAN: 9780778315995 Kindle: B00FBZKZLS Paperback / e-Book Add to Wish List RomanceBuy at Don’t miss the current book in Thunder Point The Chance by Robyn Carr Share the joys, heartbreaks, challenges and triumphs of the people who inhabit the small Oregon town of Thunder Point with #1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr  With its breathtaking vistas and down-to-earth people, Thunder Point is the perfect place for FBI agent Laine Carrington to recuperate from a gunshot wound and contemplate her future. The locals embraced Laine as one of their own after she risked her life to save a young girl from a dangerous cult. Knowing her wounds go beyond the physical, Laine hopes she’ll fit in for a while and find her true self in a town that feels safe. She may even learn to open her heart to others, something an undercover agent has little time to indulge. Eric Gentry is also new to Thunder Point. Although he’s a man with a dark past, he’s determined to put down roots and get to know the daughter he only…

Susan Meier | Her Summer With The Marine
Author Guest / March 18, 2014

I remember the day I came up with the idea for HER SUMMER WITH THE MARINE. I was on the phone with my friend Paula, talking about how every book idea had been done to death. And having written over 50 books (at the time), a lot of those done-to-death stories had been done to death by ME. LOL! I longed to do something fresh and interesting, and that day I came up with the fresh, unusual aspects of Ellie and Finn’s story. But at its heart, HER SUMMER WITH THE MARINE is the story of a woman coming home, meeting up with the boy – who is now a man – who’d been her high school nemesis, and learning that everybody grows up and time really can heal all wounds – if we let it. It’s also a story about sexual attraction. Finn and Ellie had been in each other’s social sphere the whole way through twelve years of public school education. It’s only when he returns home after ‘finding himself’ as a marine, and she returns home a well respect advertising executive, that they realize their competition might have been a bit more about unrequited romantic feelings than…

Lisa Kessler | The Wounded Hero
Author Guest / March 18, 2014

Hi everyone – I’m so excited to be visiting the Fresh Fiction blog again! I’ve missed all of you! My new release, NIGHT ANGEL, is a standalone novella in my Night Series. This book takes place in Ireland and features Colin, who you met in NIGHT DEMON. At the end of NIGHT DEMON, Colin is left with an injury his immortal body is unable to heal, and NIGHT ANGEL opens with a darker side of Colin. He’d always been quick to smile, with a playful sense of humor, but his world is completely off-balance now that this proud immortal has had his confidence rattled. He’s riddled with doubt about whether he can protect those in his care and he’s trying to hide his injuries. It isn’t until his path crosses a mortal woman who lost her hearing in the Shankill Road bombing that he discovers there may be more to him than his mangled left arm. Writing this book was a labor of love. Having a strong deaf heroine was also a thrill to write. In high school I spent a year as a teacher’s assistant to the deaf classes. I learned sign language and also discovered that being deaf…