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10 Uses for Bobby Pins You Never Thought Of (Or Maybe You Did. What Do I Know?)
Author Guest / March 29, 2014

Wonderful ways to use a bobby pin…or two. A friend posted the picture above of the correct way to use a bobby pin and I was surprised by how many people didn’t know that the bumpy side goes on the bottom (to grip the hair). As a hairstylist I was taught the correct way to use them so I guess it never occurred to me that not everyone knew this. It got me thinking about all of the other ways bobby pins can be used (or misued). So I decided to compile a handy dandy list. As jewelry. I know! Who knew? Paint your pins (or don’t) and wear them in a whole new way.     To hold a nail. This is as genius as using lipstick to mark where you want to put a nail in a wall. No more bruised fingers. As a nail art tool. Polka dots, flowers, snowmen, leaves, stripes, and tons of other designs are now your beyotch. To pick a lock. Just like in the movies! There are websites with step-by-step instructions and everything. You know I had to test this out right? As a bookmark. Always have a way to save your…