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Amanda Usen | Let’s Hear It for the PLAYBOY!
Author Guest / June 10, 2014

Hi there! Thanks for coming to talk playboys with me today. Almost every book I write features a playboy, and my latest release, SEDUCING THE PLAYBOY, is no exception. I love a good reformed playboy. Actually, I love a good UNreformed playboy, but an unattainable man kind of ruins the end of a romance novel. What do I love most about a playboy? Number one: he’s got tons of sexy experience. This guy knows how to flirt, how to act on a date, and he certainly knows how to behave in the bedroom. Who can resist that? You don’t have to worry about fumbling or flailing with him because he’ll get it right every time. Even if you have charming idiosyncrasies, he’s gotten around so much (and so safely, of course!) he’s bound to have encountered your quirks in the past, and he’ll know just how to drive you wild. He’ll make it work between you…oh yes, he will. Secondly, he’s a challenge. Not to bed, of course. The playboy is a challenge to claim. I would say he’s a challenge to tame, but who wants to tame him? Keep him wild—wild but eating exclusively out of your hand. Yes,…

M.Q. Barber | Obedience Reaps Rewards
Author Guest / June 10, 2014

Henry thundered into my life with one persistent demand: Tell the story of how he and his lover seduced their neighbor into a romantic relationship. At the time, I had no idea that taking Henry’s command to heart would produce the Neighborly Affection series or propel the first book, PLAYING THE GAME , onto the USA Today bestseller list. I only knew I had three characters – Henry, Jay, and Alice – who wouldn’t be denied. The whole thing started one night at dinner, Alice, the neighbor in question, informed me. She’s a practical gal, an engineer who’s maybe a little too career-focused and definitely not a fan of emotional entanglements. Her remembrance of that first night is a scorcher, thrilling and sexy and spiced with the unexpected joy she finds in handing control over to Henry. Not so, Henry insisted. The attraction started the day they met. He’s a long-term thinker, an artist and something of a strategist. Sizing up Alice’s potential comes as natural to him as being a welcoming neighbor and a charming host. He’ll tease out the desires she hides from herself, and he has the perfect lures with which to do it: a no-strings contract…