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Fresh Pick | THE SEDUCTION OF SARAH MARKS by Kathleen Bittner Roth
Fresh Pick / June 26, 2014

Fresh Pick for Thursday, June 26th, 2014 is THE SEDUCTION OF SARAH MARKS by Kathleen Bittner Rothwidth:200px; Entangled Scandalous June 2014 On Sale: June 9, 2014 ISBN: 1622666992 EAN: 9781622666997 Kindle: B00KF2XWQ2 e-Book Add to Wish List Romance Historical Buy A Copy Kindle Powell’s Books Indiebound The Seduction of Sarah Marks by Kathleen Bittner Roth England 1857 After a blow to her head, Sarah Marks awakens in a strange bed with a strange man and no memory of how she got there. Her handsome bedmate, Lord Eastleigh, tells her she’s suffering from amnesia and the best course of action is to travel home with him until she recovers her memory. Lord Eastleigh has his own reasons for helping Sarah and keeping her close. Reasons he cannot tell her. As they struggle to restore her memory, their undeniable, inadvisable attraction grows – until Sarah finally remembers the one thing that could keep them apart forever. Previous Picks

Susan Mallery Discusses UNTIL WE TOUCH
Author Guest / June 26, 2014

1. In what ways do you think every woman can relate to Larissa Owens? Larissa is a sweetie. She’s not rich; she’s working as a personal assistant and personal masseuse for Jack. She gets to go to work in yoga pants and touch sexy guys all over. (Dream job!) UNTIL WE TOUCH is my nod to the boss/secretary story, one of my favorite kinds of romance. Larissa has a pure heart, and when she sees someone hurting, she doesn’t just think about helping. She does help, with whatever resources are available to her. Fortunately for her, since she’s been working for Jack, he has allowed her to use his wealth and connections in service to her causes. In fact, he likes it. With Larissa using his money to try to save the world, he can feel like a part of something without actually putting himself out there. It’s a very comfortable arrangement for them both… until Larissa’s mom tells Jack that Larissa is in love with him, and everything changes. 2. What about Jack McGarry makes him like no leading man we’ve ever seen before in Fool’s Gold? I think what makes people relatable—both in fiction and in life—are our…

Katee Robert | When Horror Movies Inspire Sci-Fi Romance
Author Guest / June 26, 2014

Like so many other authors, most of the time I have some sort of playlist ready to go while I’m writing. Pandora is totally my BFF during those times. But, every once and awhile, a book decides it’s going to be different. Sometimes it demands total silence (or what passes for it in my house) and sometimes, like QUEEN OF WANDS, it’s something else altogether. How was this book different? It wanted horror movies as a background. Seriously—horror. It took me ages to figure it out. I flipped through more songs than words, and finally just ended up putting on Scream 4 as a distraction. And, suddenly, the book was magically cooperating. I cannot begin to express how weird it is to write a sci-fi romance to the chorus of screams in the background. Or the fact that I’m not even particularly a horror fan. I like slashers and thrillers and scary stuff that makes you think, but overall I’d rather hit up an blockbuster action movie or a romantic comedy. But horror it was. Luckily, Netflix had a variety all ready and waiting for me. I wrote my heroine and hero into all sorts of trouble while characters on…

Jaime Lee Moyer | Haunted
Author Guest / June 26, 2014

Most of us love spooky stories. Everything from tales of haunted houses told around the campfire on summer nights, to tragic stories of ghosts endlessly searching for a lost love hold us rapt and invoke that delicious shiver of momentary belief.  We all know these are only stories, make-believe, but just for an instant– we wonder if they could be true. But what if you knew, really knew, that ghosts were real? What if they appeared to you every single day of your life, woke you in the middle of the night, and threatened those you love? How would you live with being haunted? That’s the question facing my main character Delia Martin and her husband, Captain Gabe Ryan, in A BARRICADE IN HELL, the second Delia Martin book. It was also the question I had to ask myself when I started writing this series of books. Ghosts seek Delia out, both the lost and confused haunts who haven’t yet realized they’re dead, and the stronger, more malevolent spirits who seek revenge, or are determined to cling to the world of the living. All of them want something from Delia. Most of what they want she can’t give. Phantoms often…