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Amanda Forester | In Search of a Winter Wedding
Author Guest / September 4, 2014

Sensible. Dependable. Reliable. These three words epitomize Miss Penelope Rose, confirmed spinster. Of course, these are fine attributes for a lady…or a cocker spaniel. After being the bridesmaid in the successive weddings of all of four of her sisters, Penelope Rose is officially on the shelf. So she does the most sensible thing and becomes the companion to the Dowager Duchess of Marchford. In addition to her regular duties as a companion, Penelope has also joined the dowager to form a matchmaking service under the name of Madam X. Penelope facilitates the love matches of many a happy couple. So adept is she in finding matches, that the only one she seems unable to create a happy alliance for is herself. Despite her penchant for practicality, Penelope longs to be seen as the bride, not just the bridesmaid. However, when a proposal finally does arrive, it is not the romantic offer she secretly dreams to receive. Here is the brash offer from the Duke of Marchford from her perspective. “I need at least a fiancée, someone who will not plague me. Someone who does not whine or cry or do other feminishy things,” grumbled Marchford. “Feminishy?” Penelope raised an eyebrow….

Diane Alberts | Women Heroines Who Break the Mold
Author Guest / September 4, 2014

Hello! I’m Diane Alberts (but I also write as Jen McLaughlin), and I am so happy to be here today! I have a new book out with Entangled Publishing (Entangled Brazen), and it’s the second book in my Shillings Agency series. The first book was TEMPORARILY YOURS, which I also blogged about a few months ago! I’m thrilled to be back, and talking about the second book in the series (which is loosely tied with FALLING FOR THE GROOMSMAN, which came out in June). So, when I first starting writing my newest release, STEALING HIS HEART, I knew one thing right off the bat. My heroine would not be a simpering heroine, nor would she be completely legal. In fact, she’s a thief. To top it off, she’s actually a modern day Robin Hood, with a dash of Sherlock in her for good measure. I knew, right away, that an obstacle I would face is making her thieving something that a reader could accept. Because it’s a lot harder to accept flaws in our heroines than it is in our heroes. With our heroes, all they have to do is say one charming phrase here, a scorching kiss there, and…

Jenna Jaxon | A Hard Day’s Knight
Author Guest / September 4, 2014

My medieval novel, TIME ENOUGH TO LOVE, is the story of knights in the service of King Edward III of England. Knights are perhaps the iconic image most readers have of the period. The men didn’t, however, spring fully ready at birth for this way of life. There were years of training and hard work that went into becoming a knight. After the fall of the Roman Empire, old Roman families became rulers of their own land holds, usually a castle and a certain amount of land. These lords depended on the strength of their retainers, arms-bearing men who swore fealty them and lived within their households. This is the beginning of the knightly social class who became defined as warriors on horseback. In return for their service, the lord would usually give the knight a small parcel of land or fief, with authority over the peasants who worked the land. This authority led to the knight’s elevation into the ranks of the nobility. Training to be a knight began actually at birth. Male children who were not destined for Holy Orders, began learning at his parents’ home what is expected of a knight, good manners, and the code of…