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Becky Lower | The Duplicitous Debutante
Author Guest / September 10, 2014

Good afternoon, everyone. I’m so happy to be here with my first guest post for Fresh Fiction. My latest novel, THE DUPLICITOUS DEBUTANTE, was released on September 1. This is the sixth book in a nine-book series about a large New York family. Each book can be read as a stand-alone, but by reading all of the books, readers can become familiar with each of the nine siblings in the family. And they can catch a glimpse of the other siblings, as they pop in and out of the earlier books while awaiting their moment. THE DUPLICITOUS DEBUTANTE focuses on 19-year-old Rosemary Fitzpatrick, who has been writing over-the-top dime novels under the guise of a male pen name for the past four years. She bases some of her story lines on events that are happening within her own family, several of whom live in St. Louis, at the edge of civilized America in 1859. While the thought of having a story about the wild west–usually with a damsel in distress and a larger than life hero, with guns, wild animals, cowboys and Indians thrown in for good measure–being written by a woman is strange enough, the concept of the dime…

Callie Hutton | Historical Romance – Not Your Senior History Class
Author Guest / September 10, 2014

I recently joined a new group of historical romance authors. Our intention in forming the group was to raise awareness of historical romance books. Too many readers pass us by because they believe ‘historical’ romance is too bland, too filled with boring historical facts, and too ‘old.’ Like a lot of other—especially girls—students, I loathed history class in school. All those boring, boring stories of wars, battles, political intrigue, and memorization of dates, really turned me off. I ploughed through my history classes with fingertips holding up my eyelids to keep from falling asleep. Then, a few years after I left high school, I picked up an historical fiction book about the sixth wife of Henry VIII. I was fascinated, and embarrassed now, to say I had not really heard much about Henry VIII. In America, it’s hard enough to get through our boring history, without having to suffer through another country’s. I went back to the library, and looked up more by the same author, and lo and behold, she had written about all six of his unfortunate wives. I read each one, not realizing at the time that I was reading ‘history.’ That began my love affair with…