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Helen Lacey | A Starting Point
Author Guest / September 12, 2014

I was at my day job the other week and got talking to someone about dreams. And goals. He asked me what I did outside my day job and when I told him I was a romance author he quickly started asking me questions—how long had I been writing? Was it hard to get published? How did it feel now I was published? This gentleman was now retired but had worked in customer service all his life and he said very quietly that it was never his dream job. I asked him what was and he stilled for a moment, tilted his head and said, “I would have liked to make furniture.” He said he’d loved carpentry since he was a boy. He said he loved spending time in his workshop, but then admitted that when he started crafting a piece he never finished it. He said his workshop was cluttered with half made tables and chairs, hall stands and a carved four poster bed. I asked him why he didn’t finish his pieces and he couldn’t tell me. Which of course made me curious and I dug a little deeper and before I knew it we were having a…