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Kate Canterbary | Architects Do It Right
Author Guest / September 18, 2014

In chatting with friends and beta readers about The Walsh Series, I hear one question with tremendous frequency: why architects? I’ll see that question, and raise it another: why not? We all know architects are smart—they’re the ones actually using all that algebra, geometry, and trigonometry the rest of us ignored in high school—and there’s nothing sexier than a big, ahem, brain. We also know they’re creative, and we need only glance around our cities and towns to see everyday art rising from the ground, or hear their roughly whispered fantasies. Now take that intellect and that inventiveness, and add to it a healthy dose of dedication to the craft. They let instinct guide their work, and they know when it feels just right. They also know something about expertly tailored suits, husky growls, and building desks that can stand up to the most intense meetings. The inner workings of the architect’s mind are complex, and lucky is the lover who gets to draw it all out. Here’s a sneak peek into the mind of Matthew Walsh, one of the most growly, bitey architects I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing. Architects are precise. I waited twenty-nine seconds. That seemed…

TALL, DARK AND PARANORMAL | The Top Ten of Paranormal Romance
Author Guest / September 18, 2014

Ten authors, ten hot and sexy alpha bad boys—all in one deliciously yummy TALL, DARK & PARANORMAL box set—10 full length novels, 825,000 words of steamy paranormal pleasure, and all for just 99 cents! Fresh Fiction is pleased to welcome the authors of this blockbuster anthology to tell us a bit about each of their stories. FOREVER FREED by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Kaye FOREVER FREED was my first novel, and I was inspired to write it in quite an unusual way. In 2008, I experienced a mild traumatic brain injury that, as I healed, left me with a strong creative urge. I started taking guitar lessons and writing my first novel–fortunately I was better at the writing than the guitar playing! Three months later, I finished my first book, FOREVER FREED. The fact that the first thing I wrote was a vampire romance wasn’t surprising since, as a reader, all things paranormal had always been my first love. Hero Lucien Demarco’s character was very lively in my head and totally drove my writing of the story. SPELLBOUND by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Opal Carew I’ve always loved wizards and magic,…