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Stephanie Julian | Are Two Really Better Than One?
Author Guest / October 1, 2014

Peanut butter cups usually come in pairs. Why? Who knows but when you open that package, you can’t eat just one. You have to finish both. At least I do. That other one would be left lonely, after all. Does this have anything at all to do with writing the Indecent serials? Maybe not. But let’s think about it for a minute. In AN INDECENT PROPOSITION, Jules is offered half a million dollars to spend the night with a man she’s never met. Only, that one man becomes two when she realizes there’s someone watching from the shadows. He’s scarred and bitter and completely infatuated with her, though he doesn’t believe she could ever want him because of his appearance. His best friend will do anything to bring him out of seclusion and when they both fall for this one girl, well, she’s one very lucky lady. In AN INDECENT AFFAIR, Kat was an awkward teen with emotional issues who’s grown into a beautiful woman who doesn’t quite know what to do with her life. Then best friends Tristan and Adam enter her life at a party and sweep her away from the man her mother wants her to marry….

Amy Andrews | 10 Things to Consider Before Attempting Pages from an Illustrated Sex Guide.
Author Guest / October 1, 2014

After 40 + books as a published author I can tell you that I have researched a many and varied range of topics. Most of them interesting, gritty, hard hitting things. Just off the top of my head I can list a bunch of them – how to separate conjoined twins joined at the head, heritage listings, shipwrecks, horrifying disfiguring diseases, autopsy procedures, prosthetics, football stuff (shudder), box jellyfish stings, earthquakes, eye conditions, the sex life of goldfish, loft conversions and canal boats. And that’s without me even going through my back list and checking. I tell you, if my computer ever gets confiscated and they look at my Google history…. They’re going to take me away and medicate me. And whilst the research I do is often very fascinating, I still consider it a necessary evil. I’m not in love with it like a lot of other authors are. And then along came NO MORE MR. NICE GUY and lo and behold, with Josie putting a page from the Kama Sutra down as #1 on her drunken sex list, I found myself having to research illustrated sex guides. No, it’s okay, don’t feel bad for me. I put on my…

Cathy Maxwell | Wedding Envy! A Look at Regency Period Wedding Customs
Author Guest / October 1, 2014

How lucky the parents of the Regency period were! Weddings back then were not the productions they are today, and as a parent who has gone through three weddings for her three children, I’m jealous. Now that my Brides of Wishmore series—THE BRIDE SAYS NO, THE BRIDE SAYS MAYBE, and the just released THE GROOM SAYS YES—are on the shelves, I confess I didn’t even focus on fancy marriage ceremonies because the Regency wedding was so low key. Since in so many other respects the Regency was a brilliant, over the top age, this seems a bit odd to me. The wedding ceremony was strictly for family members. Or even just the couple and witnesses. Brides would wear their best but the wedding dress, as we know it, is a Victorian creation. Sometimes, the bride and groom would walk right out the door and take up the reins of their life with little fanfare. What is the same? A ring to seal one’s vows has been around since ancient times although usually it was a gift from the groom to his bride. The vows themselves, taken from the Book of Common Prayer, are almost identical to the formal vows couples…