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Coleen Kwan | Sappy Books
Author Guest / February 10, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I was talking about books with my eighteen-year-old daughter, and I mentioned how much I’d enjoyed a young adult book I’d recently read. My daughter instantly picked up her phone (to which she is surgically glued, I’m convinced) and Googled the book. She read the blurb and informed me that it sounded like a very sappy book and not for her. Sappy? Me? I was momentarily taken aback, but after I’d thought about it for a while, I was okay with that. What to my daughter sounded sappy and sentimental, was moving and tender to me, and I absolutely loved that book. We all have different tastes in reading, and thank heavens there are so many books out there catering for so many varied palates. I love reading romance, and even when I pick up a non-romance book my interest is always piqued by the relationships between characters. (Maybe that’s why I’ve never really gotten into non-fiction.) To me these relationships deepen the reading experience and bring the characters to life. We all know about those books that suck us in and pull us away from our everyday lives, making us stay up late as…