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Ani Keating | Meet Aiden Hale, hero of THIRTY NIGHTS
Author Guest / February 27, 2016

THIRTY NIGHTS is the story of Elisa Snow and Aiden Hale—two direct opposites with similar tortured pasts. She is an orphan who lost both her parents on the same day and immigrated to the U.S. to start a new life. He is a U.S. Marine with total recall who cannot escape the horrific memories of Iraq. Between them is every reason why they should be together, not the least of which is the mighty U.S. government. But when they allow themselves one night together, they realize that the only way to fight their pasts is to surrender to the present. A blistering exploration of desire, sacrifice, and redemption, THIRTY NIGHTS is a story about love’s power to equalize us in ways laws cannot. And Aiden Hale has a some strong opinions about it Ani Keating: (plopped on a beanie bag at an undisclosed location, wearing flannel pajamas.) Hey Aiden, thank you for coming here today. Aiden Hale: (sitting in a winged armchair, ankle over his knee, wearing torn up jeans instead of the customary charcoal suit, and glaring at Ani with wrathful eyes.) I didn’t do it for you. I’m doing it for your readers. AK: I know, I know—you’re…