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Shana Galen | Five Things You WON’T See in I KISSED A ROGUE
Author Guest / March 9, 2016

1.) You won’t see Lady Lila falling in love at first sight with Brook Derring. She hated him. Amazing how one might exist for years and never think of a person, and then less than a day after becoming reacquainted, she absolutely despised him. 2.) You won’t see Brook falling in love at first sight with Lila . . . again.  He fell in love with Lila seven years ago and wound up humiliated and brokenhearted. Now he won’t allow himself to feel anything but hate for her. Brook would murder Lady Lila himself. How dare she trap him in this fashion? “Brook, I don’t—I just don’t want you to hate me for this.” “It’s far too late for that.” 3.) You won’t see the Brook and Lila marrying for love. When Lila’s life is in danger, Brook is coerced by Lila’s father’s machinations into marrying her. The duke believes that marriage between the antagonistic pair is the only way to keep Lila’s reputation from being ruined while at the same time keeping her safe. In the middle of the ceremony, Lila takes Brook aside to have a heart to heart. “But you don’t want to marry me!” “I want…