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Jen McConnel | The End of an Era…Er, Series
Author Guest / March 10, 2016

Five years ago, I scribbled down a few pages about a teen witch who went up against Hecate. The story took root in my brain, and before I really knew what was happening, I’d drafted the book that would become DAUGHTER OF CHAOS, but I didn’t stop there. I fell immediately into the second book, and then the third, drafting the trilogy in under a year. Darlena and her world became almost tangible for me the longer I was immersed in the story, and these characters have been a constant part of my life for the last half a decade. I’ve connected with my different stories and characters in different ways, but whenever I came back to Darlena’s story to revise, both while I was still looking for a publisher and after I’d sold the trilogy and had begun the detailed editorial process, I was struck by the easy familiarity. It didn’t seem to matter how long it had been since I’d worked on a draft, and it didn’t seem to matter what other characters I’d inhabited in the intervening time; whenever I came back to the Red Magic series, I slipped effortlessly into Darlena’s head, her voice feeling almost…

Into The Night: Read the Write Way!
ParaNormal Bites / March 10, 2016

This March get ready to be bombarded left and right with hot new releases that are sure to keep you spellbound for the rest of the month! All of the books I’ll be talking about today will probably be familiar to you as they are written some bestselling authors. Their series have been chart toppers numerous times and been loved by many readers. But instead of talking more about each series and its characters, which you’re already probably familiar with, I wanted to share why I think each author is worth checking out. The first author I want to talk about is Patricia Briggs. Briggs is releasing her ninth book in the Mercy Thompson series. The sheer number of books in this series displays just how good of a writer she is. To be able to continue with a series that is this long-lasting means that she is doing something right. But to be honest, I think Briggs’ greatest achievement was creating a heroine that is very relatable to readers. Mercy Thompson isn’t your typical Urban Fantasy heroine. Although she has special powers and connections, she doesn’t walk around toting a blade and intimidating others. She’s far more subtle in…

Veronica Forand | A Kickass Heroine with a Heart of Gold
Author Guest / March 10, 2016

The heroine for my new release TRUE PERIL has a complex personality, but no one can say she’s a pushover. Here are 5 things that make Eve a badass. She’s a graduate of the Police Academy. She’s an expert marksman. She prefers war zones to She takes on two rebel soldiers and wins. She points a gun at the head of the hero until he proves he’s on her side. And 5 things that show her soft side. Her life’s work is to rescue children from being used as child soldiers, cooks, and sex slaves. She tries to take down an arms dealer, but works to protect his family. She offers herself in exchange for a teenage girl who is about to be raped. Even after being mistreated by her family, she returns again and again to give them another chance. She brings orphaned children into her apartment. About Veronica Forand A Bostonian by birth, Veronica Forand regrettably lost her Boston accent while moving from state to state and country to country. Cleveland probably had the most profound effect on her ability to pronounce the “r” in the word “park.” She does try to return now and then to visit…