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Elizabeth Michels | Saying Yes to All the Characters
Author Guest / March 23, 2016

Raise your hand if you love books in a series. *raises hand* I get so excited when I find a series I like because I know that I have an entire world to explore over several books. There are always characters in the background that you just know will have their own book—and then they do! And you get to check in on the characters who have already had their story told and it’s the best reunion ever! As a reader, it’s amazing! And as an author, it’s a snowball of crazy fun. But how do these groups of characters come together to make a series? When I started writing my debut novel, I intended it to be a standalone book. In hindsight I think I was attempting to have an attainable goal. But things didn’t work out as I had planned. As I wrote that one standalone book, characters would wander through a scene, characters who liked to talk too much, demanding their turn in the spotlight. Soon I had a cast of characters as part of this community I’d built. And most of the characters were—in my mind—begging to be center stage. Clearly I’m a people pleaser who…

Leah Rae Miller | My current favorite TV ships
Author Guest / March 23, 2016

The first ship I can clearly remember rooting for was Clark Kent and Lois Lane on Lois & Clark, a TV show from the ‘90s about (surprise, surprise) Superman. I remember my heart fluttering when she finally knew the mild-mannered reporter, Clark, was actually the hero of Metropolis. I remember how I sighed with delight when Clark went down on one knee and proposed to Lois. And I have no shame about that poster I had hanging in my room of Dean Cain who played Clark on the show. That show opened my young girly eyes and my own affair with romance began. It doesn’t matter what type of entertainment I’m engaged with, I will always try to find the two people I want to get together and proceed to mentally chant, “Now kiss. Now kiss. Now kiss.” I even shipped Jerry and Elaine from Seinfeld (no judgies). And I’m confident in my opinion that Jim and Pam (PB&J) from The Office are the best ship to have ever shipped. I’m sure you readers can relate to my shipping habit, amirite? So, today I’d like to fangirl over some of my current favorite TV ships! ***WARNING : SOME SPOILERS*** Quentin…

What is Your Reading Mood?
Author Guest / March 23, 2016

About THE SAINTS OF THE LOST AND FOUND Avery Broussard has the curse of seeing lost things (and make no mistake about it, it is a curse). Missing belongings and beloved pets, lost love and loved ones—she sees it all. Long ago, that curse destroyed her own chance at true love, causing her to flee her Louisiana home, vowing never to return. She’s kept that promise too, until a phone call from her estranged grifter father forces her hand. Her big brother is dying, and she may be his last remaining hope. Avery wants nothing more than to rescue her brother, but doing so pulls her into a labyrinth of lies and deceit rooted in her own lost love and her family’s twisted history. It doesn’t help that a little girl has gone missing, and the abduction is tied to a killer Avery failed to help the FBI catch. With no time to spare, Avery realizes her curse might well be the only thing she can trust. Is it too much to hope that she might save her brother and find the missing girl before she becomes the killer’s next victim? Buy THE SAINTS OF THE LOST AND FOUND:…