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Ingrid Hahn | Addicted to Jane Austen
Author Guest / March 26, 2016

In January of 2013, I joined a book group. The first book selected was EMMA, by Jane Austen, which I had never read. Beginning the book, I was surprised by how unlikable I found the title character. That book group didn’t work out, but, despite my rough start with EMMA, I’d been unceremoniously drawn back into the world of Jane Austen. The richness of her language, her distinctive voice, her modern appeal—all had rekindled an old fire in my heart. Not having read her entire oeuvre, I thought I might do so in the rest of 2013. Which didn’t happen. What I needed was accountability. So early in 2014, I went on MeetUp, punched in my credit card number, and started my group. To my surprise, people joined! Over the course of the year, we read all her completed novels in publication order and met in a little café to discuss them. Not surprisingly, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and PERSUASION were big hits. There wasn’t a huge amount of agreement or disagreement among the group members, but there were some unexpected revelations. For one member, Jane Austen didn’t hold up at all. Other people, like I had originally, found Emma’s character…

Gail Ingis | Print Version Soon
Author Guest / March 26, 2016

It will be a busy season now that the print version of my book, published by Soul Mate Publishing, is being released on July 14. In the near future, a contest to give away a one-of-a-kind prize will be announced, offering a fine print of the image you see in on my blog in blues above, my painting of the brook in my book, sans the script, of course. Watch for details . . .read more.