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Tosca Lee | On The Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Traveling, and Suspense
Interviews / June 2, 2016

Tosca Lee, author of THE PROGENY, sits down with Fresh Fiction reviewer Debbie Wiley to talk about her new thriller. Debbie Wiley: Hi, Tosca! Thank you for joining us today at Fresh Fiction! I absolutely love the concept of THE PROGENY as it combines the modern day with the historical in one phenomenal conspiracy-laden thriller. What sparked your interest in Elisabeth Bathory and inspired the writing of THE PROGENY? Tosca Lee: Hi, Debbie! Thank you—and thank you for having me on Fresh Fiction! I’ve been wanting to write a thriller like this for a while. It was actually a fan who wrote to me and said, “What about a book on Elizabeth Bathory?” Though this book isn’t about Elizabeth Bathory herself per se, the legend of the “Blood Countess” does provide the mythological underpinning of the story about her modern-day descendants. DW: THE PROGENY is obviously very well researched, from the historical aspects to the very settings themselves. What was one of your favorite moments in researching THE PROGENY? TL: My favorite part was going to Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and Italy—and taking my mom with me. I get a lot of my wanderlust from her (I swear, five minutes after…

Kristin Miller | The inspiration for DESIRING RED, a dark and dirty tale
Author Guest / June 2, 2016

There are many things that inspire my books: movies, songs, quotes, and Facebook memes, to name a few. Sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment inspiration struck and blossomed into a story. Other times, as in the case of DESIRING RED, I know precisely which elements inspired the tale. Earlier this year, my editor at Entangled came to me and asked if I’d be willing to write an erotic retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. As a longtime fan of dark fairy tales (Grimm vs. Disney for me!), I was instantly drawn to the idea. Do you remember the 2011 film Red Riding Hood starring Amanda Seyfried? Two men. One heroine cloaked in red. That’s where the similarities between DESIRING RED and Red Riding Hood end, but it was the colors that grabbed me. As odd as it sounds, one of the things I remember most from the movie was the stark-white snow, the shadows in the woods, and the crimson red of her cloak. I tried to create an erotic tale as vivid and captivating. Because I’m a sucker for a sexy Alpha wolf, I knew I had to write the tale as a paranormal romance with a…

Author Guest / June 2, 2016

“Kickass start to a new UF series with dragons and mages” “SMOKE AND MIRRORS is the first book in the new Blackhollow Academy young adult/new adult contemporary fantasy series by Jess Haines. I’m excited for more books in the series, because I freaking loved SMOKE AND MIRRORS. I’ve been a long term fan of Haines’ H&W Investigations, a kooky paranormal series with werewolves and magic. SMOKE AND MIRRORS has a very similar vibe, with magic users, dragons, and Others (like werewolves, centaurs, and vampires). Kimberly is a girl in her last year at Blackhollow Academy learning magic. Kimberly is a rare illusionist, not a regular mage like all the others in her class. She and her mother are living in a crappy apartment and working as many hours as they each can to get by while Kimberly goes to school as well. Kimberly’s dream is to graduate and get a decent paying job in a coven so she can support her mother. But Kimberly can’t pass her finals and graduate unless she can get a familiar as part of her final exams. As an illusionist, she can’t create her own familiar the way the rest of the other students can,…