Fresh FIction Box Not To Miss
Celebrate the one year anniversary of Fresh Fiction Box Not to Miss!
Author Guest / June 3, 2016

We are so excited that our latest venture is now one! Check out all the books included in our first custom pink Fresh Fiction Box Not to Miss. This Month’s Print Books: To celebrate our anniversary, everyone received 4 of these books instead of 3! Last Ride to Graceland by Kim Wright Wed by Fortune by Judy Duarte Bought for the Greek’s Revenge by Lynne Graham Her Rancher Bodyguard by Brenda Minton The Surprise Conti Child by Tara Pammi Nacho Figueras Presents: High Season by Jessica Whitman Hot Cowboy Nights by Carolyn Brown Unbreak My Heart by Nicole Jacquelyn The Bones of You by Debbie Howells The Winemakers by Jan Moran The Pages of the Mind by Jeffe Kennedy This Month’s eBooks: Every box included all 3. Life is Better Brunette by Diane Bator Hot Secrets by Lisa Renee Jones Charming You by Kris Jayne Introducing Vixen’s Tales: Every month until our *knock on wood* second anniversary, each box will feature a new adventure featuring our mascot, Vixen. The tale is showcased with a collectible postcard and button set. Exclusive to one year anniversary box, is a pink lanyard for your button collection. Vixen’s Tale #1 – The Case of…

Loree Lough | Choosing a Hero (or How NOT to Fall for Your Leading Man)
Author Guest / June 3, 2016

Any author worth her salt knows what readers want in a romance novel hero: He needs to be handsome. Successful. Kindhearted, but not a pushover. Romantic, but not in a sappy way. Respectful of friends and family. Helpful, too. But he can’t be too perfect or readers will believe he’s too good to be true. To say nothing of the fact that all those positive traits and qualities could make the heroine feel ‘less than’ by comparison—not a good thing when the ‘conflict’ cards are already stacked against this would-be couple! Whether historical or contemporary, I start developing my heroes by choosing a “look.” Take Sam Marshall in THE FIREFIGHTER’S REFRAIN, for example. Born ‘n’ raised on his family’s Colorado ranch, he needed to look as heart-stoppingly good in jeans and a Stetson as a tuxedo. And since he also worked as a volunteer firefighter before moving to Nashville, broad shoulders and muscles were a requirement. Photographs are essential, so I can see my heroes as they make their way through my stories. The guy I envisioned while Sam taught fire department cadets? Jesse Spencer, costar of the hit TV series, “Chicago Fire.” Now I ask you, did Harlequin’s talented…

Paula K. Parker | Sibling Rivalry, Supermodels and a Biblical Novel
Author Guest / June 3, 2016

One question I am frequently asked is, “Where inspired your books?” For “SISTERS OF LAZARUS; Beauty Unveiled,” it was sibling rivalry, a song and supermodels. Whenever I have read the New Testament story of Mary listening to Jesus while Martha is stressed over being the perfect hostess, it was obvious that the two sisters didn’t get along. We often think of people in the Bible as being stained-glass saints and above something as petty as sibling rivalry. But they weren’t. They had flaws and strengths, likes and dislikes, favorite foods, hopes and fears, pride and insecurities. Just like us. One reason I like writing biblical novels is that, for me, when I view these people as simple humans—when I learn more about their time period and their culture—the Bible stories come alive and I glean answers to some of my personal struggles. The second inspiration for this novel was birthed in 1982, when the Contemporary Christian group Harvest released their song, “Because I Am.” With rich vocals and epic music, Jerry Williams and Ed Kerr related the interaction between Jesus and Mary outside the tomb of Lazarus. As I listened to the song, the biblical story resonated and I could…