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Lisa Harris | Up close with Nikki Boyd
Author Guest / June 10, 2016

When my publisher asked me to make my heroine, Special Agent Nikki Boyd, the lead character in a brand new series that focuses on a Missing Persons Task Force, I was extremely exited about the idea. And because they also wanted each suspense novel to take place during a tight forty-eight hours time period, giving her the lead in more than one book allowed me to be able to weave in aspects of her personal life and a romantic relationship, as well as a giving readers a chance to connect with Nikki on a deeper level. When I started brainstorming the series, one of the things I wanted to incorporate into book one was Nikki’s compelling back story, Ten years earlier, her younger sister Sarah vanished and was believed to have been taken by a man dubbed by the media as the Angel Abductor. This serial killer terrorized eastern Tennessee in the early 2000’s, leaving behind no clues as to who he was—only Polaroid photos of his victims. Nikki has been searching for Sarah ever since, a loss that compelled her to quit her job as a teacher in order to join the police academy and later lead a newly…

Carrie Stuart Parks | Never Give Up Your Dream
Author Guest / June 10, 2016

“. . . let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,” Hebrews 12:1 THE BONES WILL SPEAK was the first novel I wrote, and I cried, laughed, hated, loved, and cried again in the process. Bones was an eight year odyssey of learning to write under the patient—oh so patient—tutelage of my mentor, Frank Peretti. Like most new writers, I figured I had a good grasp of English, a story to tell, and a computer to catch my spelling errors. Oh, my! I had so much to learn. Although I wrote Bones first, when I couldn’t sell it, I set it aside and wrote A CRY FROM THE DUST. Cry immediately caught the interest of publishers, went to auction, and sold to Thomas Nelson as a three book deal. It became a Christy finalist last year and won the prestigious Carol award for the best mystery/suspense/thriller of 2014. What a thrill! I decided I just needed to tweak Bones and I’d have book two. Ha! When I re-read it, I realized it was really awful. No tweaking, a major overhaul. How gratifying, and humbling, when Bones also became a Christy finalist! The reoccurring character, Gwen Marcey,…