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Kay Finch | The Cat’s Voice
Author Guest / June 13, 2016

By Hitchcock, of the Bad Luck Cat Mysteries by Kay Finch Cats aren’t often asked to speak their mind, so when I get a chance like this I’m going to take advantage. My name is Hitchcock, and I’m a coal black cat. I was pretty much nameless until I decided to hang with Sabrina Tate in Lavender, Texas, in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Sabrina’s a mystery writer, and she has this idea in her head that my presence helps her write suspenseful scenes in her fiction. Thus the name Hitchcock, which is fine by me. So long as I can live with Sabrina at the Around-The-World Cottages owned by her Aunt Rowe, I’m happy. Sabrina and I live in the Monte Carlo cottage on the banks of the Glidden River, and things are peaceful most of the time. Until people start saying I’m some legendary bad luck cat. Maybe I look like this legendary cat. I guess he existed at some point in time because everyone (except Sabrina) seems to believe the legend. I’m only five years old, so there’s no possible way I could know for sure if this legend they’re talking about truly existed back…

Mary Kennedy | Can You Unlock The Secret Of Your Dreams?
Author Guest / June 13, 2016

Ali and Taylor Blake and the Dream Club members think they can! If you’ve been following my cozy series set in Savannah, you’ll know that the ladies in the Dream Club meet once a week to analyze their dreams, enjoy some fabulous Southern desserts and solve a murder or two. At first Taylor was skeptical about her sister Ali’s enthusiasm for dream interpretation. After all, Taylor is the analytical type, always cool and rational. Ali is more impulsive, emotional and willing to explore new ideas. How do the Dream Club members solve crimes? They look for clues in their dreams that relate to murders happening in Savannah. Sometimes the clue is hard to find. It might be symbolic and elusive. Often, it involves a clue that the police didn’t notice. It could be a hint about a suspect’s character, a chance comment, a suspicious element found at the crime scene. In A PREMONITION OF MURDER, Abigail Marchand, a wealthy Southern recluse, has a disturbing dream about her own death. A premonition, you might say. She invites her good friends the Harper sisters over for lunch at her estate along with Ali and Taylor Blake. Abigail tells them about her dream…

Sheila Connolly | Small Town in a Big City
Author Guest / June 13, 2016

Cozy and traditional mysteries usually take place in small towns with quirky characters and bakeries, and kittens and puppies. The Museum Mysteries aren’t quite like that. Well, there are quirky characters and some good food, but the books are set in Philadelphia, which is definitely a city—in fact, in 2014 it was the fifth largest city in population in the country. Cozies usually include a death, which is a shock to the small community. Philadelphia sees a lot of deaths each year, and too many go unnoticed. Is DEAD END STREET a cozy? Yes and no. You see, Nell Pratt is president of the Pennsylvania Antiquarian Society, which is part of the city’s cultural community, where everybody knows everybody else, especially if they’re looking for contributions of collections or money. The staff members at places like the Society know how much money a donor has, what his or her family history is (public and private), and often a few of their secrets. (But most of those people use that information carefully!) I’ve worked in more than one museum in Philadelphia, and I know what’s in those files! Museums offer their visitors a mix of entertainment and education. But Nell believes…