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Tawna Fenske reveals 5 weird things she researched for her new romantic comedy, THE HANG UP
Author Guest / June 18, 2016

Do you ever glance at the windows open in your internet browser and realize you’d have a lot of explaining to do if someone walked up behind you? That’s an everyday thing for me as an author of offbeat romantic comedy. People see “romance author” in my title and assume any research I might do would involve fur-lined handcuffs or creative uses for butterscotch syrup. But for my newest romantic comedy, THE HANG UP, there were several unique bits of research required for me to tell the tale of a devout city girl and talented PR pro who hooks up with a sexy mountain man turned CEO. Here are five things that made my research list when I wrote THE HANG UP. Spelunking Contrary to what my city girl heroine believes, spelunking is not a sex act. It’s a fancy word for exploring caves, and it’s kind of a hobby of mine. In real life, I’ve been lucky enough to explore caves as far away as Slovenia, Mexico, and Greece, but my favorites are the lava tubes in Central Oregon where I live. I wanted to set a scene in THE HANG UP in one called Arnold Ice Cave, but…

Tracy Deebs | My Top 10 Favorite Beatles’ Songs
Author Guest / June 18, 2016

I’m so excited to be here today talking about The SECRET LIFE OF A DREAM GIRL, my first ever Entangled Crush book. 🙂 It’s totally stand alone, but is part of the Creative HeArts series, a bunch of stories written by four different authors that all take place at a creative arts high school in my home town of Austin, Texas. Anyway, my main character—Dahlia—is pulling a reverse Hannah Montana. Instead of being an ordinary girl hiding her life as a pop star, she’s a world famous pop star masquerading as an ordinary girl as she tries to get her career—and life—in some semblance of order. She’s been under the thumb of her very overbearing manager/father for her entire career, and all she really wants to do is take a breath and spend some time pursuing her real musical passion of being a singer/songwriter. I had so much fun writing this book because it’s all about music—my hero and heroine talk to each other in song lyrics, there’s a great scene at Waterloo Records, Austin’s most famous indie record store, and there’s an awful lot of early, feel good Beatles stuff in there too. Which is why I thought I’d…