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Meet Lorraine Bartlett (aka LL Bartlett, Lorna Barnett)
Cozy Corner / June 21, 2016

A mystery is not an easy endeavor to take on as a writer, and writing one great mystery after another, is even harder. Yet for a few exceptional writers, it’s a feat that is conquered several times a year. Lorraine Bartlett is a talented bestselling author who defines the category and graciously accept my invitation to share a little insight to her writing process with the readers of the Cozy Corner. Kym: Hi Lorraine! Welcome to the Cozy Corner! Lorraine: It’s great to be here! Kym: There aren’t many mystery authors who’ve had successful series written from both the female and male prospective as the lead character. How do you get into the mind-frame to write from two very different points of view? Which one do you prefer to write? Lorraine: I have to admit, it took quite a few drafts to be able to pull off writing from a male point of view. Once I nailed it, though, it seems like I can just slip into Jeff’s persona like putting on a pair of comfy slippers. I haven’t given much thought to how I write my various series. My characters are so vividly etched in my mind that I…

Interview with the Gianna York Elmsworth from THE LADY WHO SAW TOO MUCH
Author Guest / June 21, 2016

What is your name? Do you have a nickname? My name is Gianna York Elmsworth. People close to me call me Gia. Who is your best friend? What kinds of things do you do when you’re together? I’m very close with my sister-in-law, Alice, but my best friend is Madeline Merrick. As sole survivors to separate tragedies, Maddie and I share a special bond. No one else truly understands the extent of what we’ve lost—and gained—in the wake of our traumas, and we’re fortunate to have found each other. Maddie resides in another town, but we see each other as often as we can. When we’re together, we spend much of our time in private, sharing the trials and triumphs of using our secret abilities to help others. We also share our fears of discovery and the destruction of the lives we’ve fought so hard to rebuild. If you have a family, how do you get along with them? If you don’t, are there people in your life that you consider family? How do you get along with them? My parents and I are estranged. I survived an accident that killed my two brothers, and after that, my parents could…

A.M. Griffin | Second Chance Love
Author Guest / June 21, 2016

“Second Chances” was a thing before it was a trope. I think everyone at some point or another has thought about that long lost love, the what-if’s and maybe’s. Whatever happened to that guy in high school that you used to date but eventually lost contact with? What about the random hook-up in college? Or more meaningful, what ever happened to your first love after the two of you broke up because of a silly argument? Even if we’ve moved on (hopefully) from the past there are sometimes when that little inkling of a feeling either sneaks up on us or comes roaring back with force. When I first began writing ON THESE PAGES I hadn’t intended it to be a second chance love story. It was just a contemporary about a girl who ran back into her college crush. But as the story progressed I realized that I had a trope! My first thought was to scratch the storyline and start over, but as the story progressed I couldn’t get around some of the animosity that the heroine, Toni felt for Ahmad (the hero). Just because I’d scrapped the info about them meeting before, Toni hadn’t forgotten about it…