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Olivia Dade | Not-So-Easy Rider
Author Guest / June 22, 2016

“I need to learn to ride a bike.” Sarah didn’t try to hide her grimace. “By the middle of next week. Even though riding one of those things is basically daring God to smite me.” That’s the opening of READY TO FALL, my fourth Lovestruck Librarians book. Now, I will freely admit that my heroine, Sarah Mayhew, has a flair for hyperbole. She’s earned her nickname DQ (for Drama Queen) among her friends honestly. But in this instance…well… I can’t help but agree with her. My mother taught elementary school for many years, and—to my dismay—she used to tell her kids three main stories about me. They were cautionary tales, or maybe reassurance that however delayed her students might be in learning certain skills, they certainly couldn’t be as laggardly as her younger daughter. Occasionally, she’ll also tell the same stories to friends, acquaintances, restaurant servers, grocery checkers, random pedestrians, etc. “Olivia didn’t learn to tie her shoes for years! She claimed the invention of Velcro made shoe-tying skills unnecessary. She made the same argument about digital clocks and her inability to read analog clocks. And you would not believe how old she was before she learned to ride her…

Spotlight: Miranda Liasson’s A MAN OF HONOR
Author Spotlight / June 22, 2016

A MAN OF HONOR by Miranda Liasson He survived combat…but will he fight for love? Former Army Captain and venture capitalist Preston Guthrie has always had a thing for Cat Kingston, but he never felt like he could date his best friend’s sister. Plus, he’s a wrong-side-of-the-tracks guy and she’s a white-picket-fence kind of woman. Yet when they met again just before he was deployed, sparks flew. A fire ignited. And the heat was hot. For the first time, he thought a relationship with her might be possible…until an injury in the war changed everything… Journalist Cat Kingston had a rough couple of years, surviving a broken engagement and the loss of her job. But connecting with Preston last fall seemed right. They shared steamy Skype sessions while he was overseas—until he was wounded, and cut her off without explanation. Now he’s back in town to be the Best Man for her sister’s wedding…and she wants answers. Preston’s struggling with a leg wound, but the war scarred him on the inside, too. When Cat pays him a surprise visit and her brother catches them in a compromising position, Preston tells him they’re dating. He’s not sure how he can spend…

Interview with the heroine from THE LADY WHO SAW TOO MUCH
Author Guest / June 22, 2016

What is your name? Do you have a nickname? My name is Gianna York Elmsworth. People close to me call me Gia. Who is your best friend? What kinds of things do you do when you’re together? I’m very close with my sister-in-law, Alice, but my best friend is Madeline Merrick. As sole survivors to separate tragedies, Maddie and I share a special bond. No one else truly understands the extent of what we’ve lost—and gained—in the wake of our traumas, and we’re fortunate to have found each other. Maddie resides in another town, but we see each other as often as we can. When we’re together, we spend much of our time in private, sharing the trials and triumphs of using our secret abilities to help others. We also share our fears of discovery and the destruction of the lives we’ve fought so hard to rebuild. If you have a family, how do you get along with them? If you don’t, are there people in your life that you consider family? How do you get along with them? My parents and I are estranged. I survived an accident that killed my two brothers, and after that, my parents could…