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Nina Crespo | Ultimate Alpha Hero Lineup
Author Guest / September 29, 2016

Developing characters for my romance stories requires inspiration. My volume of names is usually where I start. It lists the meaning and origin of names, as well as associated gemstones, colors, and elements. It helps tremendously with character profiles, but sometimes I need visual inspiration. This was true in writing The Song series. If you haven’t read the books, let me share what the trilogy is about. Two of the alpha heroes served as Army Rangers along with their friends. The team was facing death when Dalir, an ancient warrior, gave them a second chance at life. He also shared one of his special abilities with them: Time travel. They use this gift to protect people. When they’re not facing danger, they play music. Their band, Thane’s Redemption, gives them an outlet from the stress of their quest and serves as a cover between missions. In short, hot guys in a band with supernatural abilities, teamed with an equally tough, drool-worthy, ancient warrior, on a mission to save the world. A dream team was a great visual aid and inspiration for writing the books. Here are my picks for The Song series alpha males. Kit Harington as the hero in…