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Oberon Wonch| Things I Love About Medieval Knights
Author Guest / January 28, 2017

They follow a code of honor. As early as antiquity, a warrior would sacrifice his own needs and desires, even his life, for something bigger than he was (such as a king, a city, a god.) During the Middle Ages in Western Europe, the chivalric code was formalized, directing a knight to place his liege, God, or the Church above himself. A knight was obliged to be always courageous, courteous to everyone, and to succor those weaker or less fortunate than he. They’re physically fit and agile. And how! That heavy chain mail they wore and the weapons they wielded served as the barbells and weight machines of the Middle Ages. Riding powerful horses into battle, sparring daily with fellow knights, and eating a diet rich in whole grains, vegetables, and proteins with little fat and no refined sugar helped build a marvelous specimen of a man. They know how to do stuff, like make weapons out of what’s at hand and tan leather for clothing. Just by the virtue of living in the pre-industrial age, knights had to make things that we would run out to the store for. Generally speaking, a man living in 11th century England would…