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Cindi Madsen | Fangirl Fun
Author Guest / March 11, 2017

In my book, OPERATION PROM DATE, Kate is a huge fangirl and often talks about all the fictional couples she ships (the couples who she really, REALLY wants to be in a relationship, in case you’re new to the term shipping. It baffles my husband when my daughter and I start having conversations about our fandoms). Kate and I have that in common. Whether it’s Olicity on Arrow, Stydia on Teen Wolf, or Captain Swan on Once Upon a Time, Kate gets rather involved with what’s going on with her favorite couples. (I’ve also been known to scream “KISS ALREADY” at my TV shows and books. You know, like a calm, normal person. LOL) Cooper, the guy who’s made a deal to help Kate land her crush in time for prom (AKA “Operation Prom Date”) doesn’t know what half of her fangirl jargon means, but he loves how passionate she is about it. He loves having her as his temporary rowing partner as part of their deal, too, because it means lots of time with just him and Kate in his rowboat on the lake. What he doesn’t love is how jealous he is when all of his help starts…