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Gayla K. Hiss | First Meeting!
Author Guest / March 17, 2017

Enjoy an excerpt from AVALANCHE where the hero and heroine meet! First meetings are the best! Excerpt Fireworks exploded across the dark sky, but Jenny Snowfeather hardly noticed. The news about the cabin break-in had cast a shadow over her brother’s Fourth of July barbecue. She’d suspected a bear at first, until she learned two hunting rifles and ammo had been stolen, along with food and blankets. A bright flash startled her. “Watch out!” a man cried as the stray spark zoomed toward her like a small meteor. She spun around to escape, slamming right into the man and his plate of barbecued chicken. He grabbed her, stumbled, and pulled her with him to the ground. A second later, the blazing miniature rocket whizzed over their heads and crashed into the lawn only a few feet away. She squeezed her eyes shut at the near miss. When she opened them, Jenny found herself face-to-face with the handsome stranger. His large, brown eyes stared back in surprise. Her gaze traveled to his arm, sheltering her body. Quickly, he withdrew it and rolled over, raising himself to his elbows. “That was a close one. Are you okay?” She sat up and lightly…

Guilty Pleasures with Angel Payne and Victoria Blue
Author Guest / March 17, 2017

Hello, everyone! Victoria Blue and Angel Payne here, saying hello once more! We’re the team behind the SECRETS OF STONE romance series, with Book 4, NO MAGIC MOMENT, newly released! In all of our books, but especially with Michael and Margaux’s journey, we love to explore all the “unique” details of our characters’ lives, including the day-to-day personality traits that make them tick. A lot of our readers ask where we come up with such interesting quirks for the Stones and their friends–and we often say we draw on a lot of the weirdness from our own lives. Over the years, as friends, we’ve learned a lot of these things about each other, and we thought you’d might have fun taking a peek at our weirder sides, as well. We like to call this… “Guilty Pleasures with Victoria and Angel”. We hope you enjoy! How many do you agree with? What are your own guilty pleasures? Pop Star: Victoria: Taylor Swift Angel: twenty one pilots Broadway Musical Song: Victoria: Seasons of Love from Rent, of course Angel: Unexpected Song from Song and Dance “Calories Aren’t a Problem” Dessert: Victoria: Apple pie a la mode Angel: A Farrell’s Tin Roof Sundae…or…