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Kadie Scott | Nerdy Innuendos
Author Guest / June 16, 2017

Don’t you love a good double meaning? I’ve always been a sucker for puns. The cheesier the better. But add some hidden sexual connotation and you’ve got me. Hook, line, and sinfully amused. In THE WRONG KIND OF COMPATIBLE, Cassie and Drew take sexual innuendo in a somewhat unusual direction. Both are brilliant, but socially awkward with it. She blurts out everything that comes into her head, and he is the strong, silent type who says the wrong thing when he tries too hard. Between the two of them, they get into a (hopefully) hilarious—at first inadvertent—back and forth of geeky sexual innuendo. For example: Cassie looked up at the ceiling, doing her level best to return to the sane, rational woman she usually was. “Actually, grab your laptop. You’ll want to take notes, and possibly work through a few things on your own.” “Will I need my dongle?” She froze in the middle of taking her seat and checked his expression. Had he meant the double entendre, or was her dirty mind taking her there on its own? “That’s…up to you,” she said slowly. Then bit her lip as the possible implications of her response sank in. I had…

Rachel Harris | Cover Inspiration
Author Guest / June 16, 2017

There are so many reasons to love reading, but one of my favorites is the element we bring to each book we devour by using our imaginations. Sometimes we imagine ourselves as the heroine, other times we picture our favorite actress, and still more we conquer someone we’ve never even seen before. As for the hero, he could be our significant other, a hottie from Hollywood, the guy on the cover, or a unique compilation of all three. We pair the author’s descriptions with our own imagination and create something completely new, and with each page we turn, a movie plays out in our minds. As an author, it’s the same thing. Sure, I start out every book I write with a ‘dream cast’ in mind. Photos of celebrities or models that represent the characters I’m forming in my mind. But, as I write the book and flesh out the characters through their individual journeys, the result is often an altogether new creation. With THE NANNY ARRANGEMENT, I set out with my dream cast as usual…but things changed during the writing process. For Deacon, my country music fiddle player, Chase Rice was the perfect choice while plotting. He was born…