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What is the ONE thing no Scotsman would ever be without?
Author Guest / June 20, 2017

We asked the authors of SAY YES TO THE SCOT to find out all the details. Check them out below and don’t miss the party tonight on Facebook! Anna Harrington What would no Scotsman be without? A good single malt scotch whisky, one whose taste of the earthy smoke of peat fires and the sweetness of heather lingers on his tongue. One with just enough bite warming down his throat when he takes a sip to chase away the damp and cold of a Highland winter. One that he can dribble across the naked body of the woman who’s stolen his heart and drink up before he makes love to her–the same whisky he can raise in a toast to her on their wedding day and every anniversary for the rest of their lives. About Anna Harrington Regency Romance writer for Grand Central/Forever…loves all things chocolate and coffee, BBC fanatic, terrible cook (What’s an oven?). The Secret Life of Scoundrels WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER Lecia Cornwall His sense of honor. He may be a rogue in a kilt, a bad boy in plaid, a sexy, swashbuckling swordsman, but he’s always true to his convictions, devoted to his clan and…

In Search of Redemption
Author Guest / June 20, 2017

Redemption (noun): The action of saving or being saved from error or sin. We all make mistakes. It’s a human condition, part and parcel of being a fallible mortal creature. Fortunately, most of our errors can be rectified by a heartfelt apology. No big deal, right? Then there are the biggies. We commit missteps that can’t be fixed by a simple ‘I’m sorry’, a bouquet of roses, or even by prostrating oneself in debased shame before the offended party. I’m thinking of acts which have caused extreme loss or pain to someone—or perhaps multitudes. Grievous crimes against humanity, if you will. Imagine you’re the one who caused such devastation. You didn’t do so out of any malevolence. In fact, perhaps the fault occurred because you were trying to do the right thing. However, you made a mistake and the worst possible outcome happened. Can you ever be forgiven? Redeemed in the eyes of those you harmed? Could you find redemption for yourself? Because in the end, you have to face up to what you’ve done. You have to answer to your conscience. Let’s be honest here. In most cases, we are our own worst judges. We hold our actions to…

Ashlee Mallory | Casting call!
Author Guest / June 20, 2017

Chemistry. We know what that’s all about, right? We could be standing next to a guy (or a gal!) who would probably tick all the boxes off the list you have for yourself: Beautiful eyes. Intriguing (a.k.a. good-looking) face. Kind. Funny. Financially secure… whatever it might be for you. Yet despite all of these things being checked…things just kind of fizzle. You can’t even hold a real conversation with him or her—and it’s not because you’re too tongue-tied or nervous. No, it’s because there’s just something not really there. Well, this chemistry, or lack thereof, can be the same thing when it comes to the characters in a book. You set up the characters. The setting. The backstory. The plot. But then you get the two characters on set together and they just don’t talk. And you realize that maybe it’s not writer’s block that is stopping your from pushing forward, but maybe that you’ve cast the wrong hero for your heroine. In my newest release, HER SURPRISE ENGAGEMENT, this is exactly what happened when I tried to set Daisy up with the wrong guy. It fizzled. Three re-starts of the book later, I finally realize that this was just…