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Meet Mr. Rook
Author Guest / November 3, 2017

Interview with Mr. Rook on PAWN (Part Two, Mr. Rook’s Island Series) My name is Gracie Heart, reporter for Exotic Travels Magazine. And I recently had the privilege of interviewing the infamous, Mr. Rook, who runs an exclusive resort for women, where “Your fantasy is our business.” It is said that they can make your wildest fantasies come to life and that the island is so private, no one knows its exact location. To book a trip, you have to know someone who knows someone. It just so happens that I am close friends with a recent guest who put me in touch with Mr. Rook during his layover at JFK. INTERVIEWER: Hello, Mr. Rook. Thank you for agreeing to our interview today. I know you are a very secretive man and don’t grant many of these. ROOK: Yes, yes. Fine. Let’s move this along. I have much to do and the clock is ticking. INTERVIEWER: Ticking? Wow. You sound like you’re in a big hurry. Is something the matter? ROOK: We will be shutting down the island. Hopefully, it will be temporary, but this remains to be seen. INTERVIEWER: Shutting down the island? But then where will women go…