Fresh FIction Box Not To Miss
Dale Mayer | Returns to the SEALs of Honor
Excerpt / November 9, 2017

Peace of mind was required to get a good night’s sleep. Feeling rough around the edges, Kai hopped into the shower just so she could wake up enough to start the day. A couple cups of coffee later and she was awake enough to figure out what she had on her calendar. She’d probably spend the morning in the office until meeting Ice for lunch. She glanced around her apartment and considered the emails she’d gotten. Maybe she should stop by the police station first. She didn’t want to be forgotten or her stalker file to get thrown in a corner. Maybe if they saw her face every once in a while, they’d realize how much of a person she was, not just a file or case number. That didn’t mean the cops weren’t doing their job, but she felt so helpless. When she’d had to deal with trouble before, she had a team beside her and orders to follow. And yet, here she was no longer part of the team, asking the police to step up and do the job her own unit would have done at her side. It felt odd and uncomfortable, and she admitted it made…