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Mari Carr’s Top Five Favorite Movies
Author Guest / December 4, 2017

Mari Carr is the author of over 80 erotic, contemporary and romantic suspense stories. Her latest release with co-author, Jayne Rylon, INTO THE FIRE, released today! Mari Carr’s Top Five Favorite Movies Star Wars series. Not all of them because I’m sorry—Episodes 1-3 suck, but anything from the original franchise (yes, I saw all of them IN the theater) and the newest ones—episode 7 and Rogue One. Hidden Figures. It’s new to my faves list, but damn, man, that movie is powerful and beautiful and wonderful. You’ve Got Mail. Spent Thanksgiving weekend doing a “T. Hanks Giving” marathon and while I realize there’s always a lot of hype around Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail is WAY better. I mean…Tom and Meg actually TALK prior to the last five minutes of the movie in this one! Harry Potter series. All of them. Know every single line. Honest! Also—I never watch one without a wand in my hand. Overboard. Greatest movie ever! Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, a yacht and mini-golf. Hollywood magic. INTO THE FIRE by Jayne Rylon, Mari Carr Compass Boys #2 James Compton is a man of two worlds. For half the year, he’s Seth’s oldest boy, working with…

Sharon Buchbinder | Love and Latkes!
Holiday Recipes / December 4, 2017

Latkes, in case you don’t know, are potato pancakes, fried in oil. The holiday celebrates the Maccabees (the Hebrew word for “hammer”) victory over the Greeks who wanted the Jews to reject their one G-d and worship pagan gods. When the Jews reclaimed the Temple, they found only enough uncontaminated oil to light the menorah for one night. Instead, the oil lasted for eight nights, a miracle. On each of the eight nights of Hanukkah, we light candles to commemorate this miracle. We also cook in oil to remember the special oil in the lamp. Some families make donuts. We make latkes. Everyone’s family has a different recipe. Now I’m seeing recipes for latkes with jalapeno peppers! My mother-in-law, may she rest in peace, would not approve. Herewith, I share with you two of my mother-in-law’s recipes for latkes. Latkes (Serves small army, but remember you want leftovers!) 5 pound bag of white potatoes 2 large sweet onions 1 large container of egg substitute Black pepper Olive oil for cooking (lots—don’t skimp or the latkes will stick!) Sour cream Applesauce Using food processor or hand grater, grate onions and set aside in large bowl. (You will cry.) Drain onions and…