Fresh FIction Box Not To Miss
Gayle Leeson | For the Love of Boxes
Author Guest / December 11, 2017

Do you love subscription boxes? I do. I think it stems in part from the joy and excitement of receiving mail when I was growing up. You know how it is—when you’re a child, all mail is addressed to your parents. And then the day comes when you—yes, you—get a card addressed to you. Or maybe it’s a magazine or a letter. Whatever it was, it was good. You weren’t old enough to get scary mail—bills, IRS letters, family reunion invitations—yet. [Although I did get unhappy mail from the Humane Society once. My friend Buffy and I lamented the fact that we had no money to send and no way—other than prayer—to help that poor monkey with the hand over her eye. I’ve never forgotten that monkey. Where were you, Sarah McLachlan, when that monkey needed you? Sorry for the digression…] Fast forward to adulthood when mail becomes mundane. Now when you get something “good” in the mail, it’s usually something you’ve ordered. It’s seldom a surprise…unless, like me, an item sometimes takes so long to arrive, you forget you ordered it. That’s where subscription boxes come in. I get the quarterly box Fab Fit Fun, the monthly Sephora Play,…