Fresh FIction Box Not To Miss
Excerpt / December 12, 2017

Chapter One I walked into the museum with a half demon holding my hand and a gargoyle waiting for me back at our car. As a history major, I’d often dreamed about going museum hopping throughout Europe, but not once had I pictured doing it like this. “We’re here for the four p.m. tour,” Adrian, my new husband and the aforementioned half demon, told the museum attendant. “The four p.m. tour group is over there,” she said, pointing toward a small cluster of people about a dozen feet away. As we walked off, Adrian traced the braided rope tattoo on my right hand. My sleeve hid the rest of it, just like my high-necked blouse and long pants hid the remains of the other hallowed weapon that had supernaturally merged with my flesh. If the hallowed weapon we were looking for was here, I’d no doubt end up with a third supernatural tattoo. Of course, that tattoo might one day end up decorating my cold dead corpse. “Feel anything, Ivy?” Adrian asked in a low voice. I directed my senses outward and felt the distinct vibes that meant this was hallowed ground, as well as extra brushes of power from…

Jen Gilroy | My favorite fireside reads for the holidays
Author Guest / December 12, 2017

For me, winter—and the holidays in particular—is the coziest time of year. During these cold months, I return to comfort reads—the books that no matter what else is going on in my life—or the wider world—give me escape, hope, inspiration, and encouragement. So, as the winter nights draw in, and I curl up by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate, my dog snuggled at my side, and fuzzy socks on my feet, here are my favorite seasonal reads, especially for Fresh Fiction. LITTLE WOMEN, Louisa May Alcott Alcott’s classic (first published in 1868) has been one of my favorite books since my early teens, and Little Women is still the story I return to each year at Christmas. I inherited my copy from my grandmother and knowing she treasured it makes the book even more special to me. From the first line of the first chapter, “Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents,” this American Civil War era story about the four March sisters reminds me of the true meaning of the season, the blessing of family, and qualities—kindness, patience, courage and forgiveness—that are as important today as when Alcott was writing. WINTER GARDEN, Kristin Hannah I first…