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Amanda Bouchet | Five Things that set my Heart on Fire
Author Guest / January 4, 2018

I’ve always believed that to be passionate about something is a gift. Personally, passions give me something to dream about, to look forward to, and to pour my love, energy, and excitement into. The nature of some interests is to evolve as we do, sometimes even disappearing entirely to make room for new ones that fit into the different stages of our lives. Other things become essential to us, a part of our very natures, and settle deep into our hearts where their spark will never be extinguished. Here are five of the things that set my <B>Heart on Fire</B>. <ol> <li><strong>Family</strong>. I have two amazing children, a nine-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl, and a helpful, generous husband who is a terrific father. I have parents, a sister, nieces and a nephew, and a whole slew of both close and extended in-laws that we see when we can. Not a day in my life has gone by when I didn’t know I could count on my mother if I needed to, for whatever, no matter what. That’s a huge gift to any child, and I hope that my children will feel the same way about me each and every…