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Katee Robert | History/Inspiration for THE DEVIL’S DAUGHTER
Author Guest / January 24, 2018

THE DEVIL’S DAUGHTER is follows the story of Eden Collins, an FBI agent who grew up as the daughter of a cult leader. She escaped her mother’s control and made a life for herself, bringing down human monsters. When someone emails her a picture of a dead girl with tattoos that mark her as a member of Eden’s mother’s cult, she goes home—despite her misgivings—to help with the investigation. I can trace the origin of this story to one specific moment. That ah ha moment where everything clicks into place. I was reading FBI Agent John Douglas’s book, MIND HUNTER. Douglas was one of the founding members of the FBI’s serial crime unit and he did a ton of research in regards to serial murder, including many interviews with incarcerated serial killers. It’s very interesting reading, and I highly recommend it if you’re intrigued by that sort of thing. The part that triggered the concept of this book was Douglas’s interview with Charles Manson. He has some fascinating views of Manson, one of which was his opinion regarding the murders perpetuated by Manson’s cult. Douglas questioned whether Manson even knew about the initial murders—or intended them (no question that he…

Meet Val Collins
Author Guest / January 24, 2018

I started writing when I was very young, long rambling stories that went on forever. I especially liked to rewrite the end of sad movies. I hated unhappy endings. When I was about ten, I made my first attempt at writing dialogue. It was dreadful and as a kid I had an unfortunate need to be perfect (I outgrew it) so that was the end of my writing career. At the back of my mind I always thought I would try writing again but somehow life always got in the way. Then one day I had more time on my hands than usual so I just started writing. I could picture the first scene of my book so clearly and I got such a kick out of writing it that I couldn’t wait to write more. Now I can’t imagine a life without writing and I’m so sorry I gave up writing all those years ago. About Val Collins My mum taught us all to read when we were three so I can’t remember a time I didn’t read. When I was little I lived in a tiny village in the west of Ireland and there were no book shops….