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Elizabeth Heiter | How I Write Suspense
Author Guest / April 9, 2018

At every new book launch, certain questions pop up again and again: “Where do you get your ideas?” “What’s the process of writing a book?” It’s different for every writer, and while my process has evolved some over the years, fundamentally it’s stayed the same through ten published novels: The Big Idea: For me, every book begins with a big idea, something that gets me excited. Usually, it comes in the form of “What if…” In STALKED, my latest psychological suspense, it was “What if a teenager disappeared, leaving behind a note that said if anyone was reading it, she was already dead?” That first idea bloomed into more questions: “Was she really dead? Why would she leave a note like that instead of trying to get help before she disappeared? Was it really the teenager who left the note, or someone else?” The big idea stage can take a while: I may discard a lot of ideas before I find one that both excites me enough as a hook (something compelling enough to intrigue a reader to want more) and has enough depth and possibility to it to sustain an entire novel (100,000 words!). Once I’ve settled on that…

Please Bite Me – Cole Gibsen’s Top Ten Vampires in Film and Television
Author Guest / April 9, 2018

What a torturous exercise, combing through gorgeous vampire after gorgeous vampire to compile a list of my top ten. As a vampire lover, and now author of my own vampire series, is there anything more sexy than a dark, mysterious man with hypnotic eyes and thirst for blood? Maybe they want to protect you or maybe they just want to bite your neck. Either way, I’m a sucker (pun intended!) for these brooding, mythological creatures of the night. So I took one for the team and created a top ten list of my all time favorites. Edward Cullen – Twilight Don’t you just want to run your fingers through Robert Pattinson’s wavy hair? And don’t get me started on those bedroom eyes. Still, the reason Edward ranks lowest on my list is because of his sulking disposition. While I love a good brooding vampire, he takes it too far. I think if we were to go on a date, I’d end up more depressed than turned on. Henry Fitzroy – Blood Ties Speaking of gorgeous hair, it doesn’t get any better than Kyle Schmid’s shoulder-length locks in his portrayal of crime-fighting vampire Henry Fitzroy. The only reason Henry rates so…

Kathy Lyons goes into the Locker Room for HITTING IT!
Author Guest / April 9, 2018

Does the start of baseball season get you thinking about the men of summer? Well, go into the locker room with Kathy Lyons and uncover all the secrets in her Locker Room Diaries. HITTING IT by Kathy Lyons Locker Room Diaries #1 This heavy hitter knows how to score Making it to the Major Leagues is all rookie ballplayer, Rob Lee, has ever dreamed of. But now, he’s a little overwhelmed with his new celebrity status. Everyone wants a piece of the new heavy hitter for the Indianapolis Bobcats. Still, he’s worked hard for it, and he doesn’t have many regrets. Although there is one… If journalist Heidi Wong wants to keep her job, she needs to come up with a story—fast! That’s why she tells her boss that she knows the Bobcat’s reclusive new slugger, Rob Lee. And she does…in the Biblical sense. During Spring Break three years ago, she and Rob shared a torrid night on the beach. And she’s wanted him again ever since. But everyone knows reporters and athletes don’t mix. Rob’s contract doesn’t allow him to talk to the press, and her job depends on it. Which is driving them both just a little crazy……