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Jennifer Trethewey | What is it with Highlanders?
Author Guest / April 16, 2018

My friends often ask me, what made you choose to write romances about Highlanders? My answer: I fell in love with the Highlands of Scotland, the people, the history, and the landscape. But I have another secret reason that I’ll share with you. I believe the myth. I believe the myth of the Highland warrior, the myth born of legendary giants like William Wallace, and Robert the Bruce, and most recently, Diana Gabaldon’s fictional character, Jamie Fraser. And thank you Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns for creating a poetic foundation for the Highland myth. I love believing that Highland warriors were all seven feet tall, built like brick houses, ruggedly handsome, unbeatable on the battlefield, courageous to a fault, honorable, loyal, and, most importantly, amazingly skilled lovers. And I shamelessly perpetuate that myth in my most recent Highland romance, BETTING THE SCOT: Highlanders of Balforss Book 2. Let’s start with the kilt. From an American girl’s stand point, it takes cojones to rock a kilt. Wearing a kilt almost demands that a guy swagger a bit. It’s a tease. We get to see some leg (always nice) and we know he goes commando so, we’re waiting for that breeze….

Reader/Author Match | Lynette Eason digs into ‘Oath of Honor’
Author Guest , MatchMaker / April 16, 2018

About: Busy, with an overactive imagination, Romantic Suspense author seeks readers for fast-paced stories with well-developed characters who they will relish getting to know and hate saying good-bye to. What I’m looking for in my ideal reader match: The idea of the perfect date includes a rainy afternoon settled in by the fire with all the doors locked. Be sure to have e-reader batteries charged or plenty of light for your paperback. Don’t forget the chocolates, perhaps your favorite drink—and your Glock on the end table. Because the suspense might leave you hearing things…like the creak of an opening door or footsteps in the hallway…you get the idea. How fun is that? Dreams of a pounding heart and flowing adrenaline each time they pick up the book. Falls in love with heroes who fall in love with strong women who can take care of themselves, but don’t mind a helping hand from time to time. Demands justice for the victims and cheers when the bad guys get it in the end! #alwaysahappyending Doesn’t mind reading about heart-tugging topics that make you want to go out and do your part to change the world—even if it’s just for one person. Someone…

Maryann Jordan | Top 5 Reasons to read Military Romantic Suspense!
Author Guest , Top 5 / April 16, 2018

My favorite genre to read is military romantic suspense and it just so happens to be my favorite genre to write! Why? Military Let’s start with military. I particularly love the research that goes into making my military men and women believable and accurate. I want to portray them as real humans, with their own personalities and not just pigeon-hole them into the big alpha that has no fears. Suspense I love how the suspense in the book will move the story along. As an author, I don’t have to create “fake or contrived” angst because the hero and heroine will have plenty that comes from investigating and battling the villain. Villains My villains are often surprises, where the reader is not expecting the twist at the end. Sometimes, the villain is evident throughout the book and the reader is taken along for the ride of what they are doing and why. Romance I don’t just write mystery, but romantic suspense because to me, the crux of the story is the building relationship between the hero and heroine. It is the catalyst for the entire story, creating the human bonding that survives no matter what the villain has planned. Hero…