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Tina Gabrielle | An Accidental Marriage
Author Guest , Giveaways / May 16, 2018

Thank you for joining me today! I also want to thank Fresh Fiction for inviting me to be on their blog. I’m excited talk about the release of HOW TO TEMPT AN EARL, the first book in my Raven Club series. Who doesn’t love an accidental marriage theme in a romance? I know I do and that’s what I chose to write for my historical romance, HOW TO TEMPT AN EARL. My hero, Ian Swift, had been at odds with his family and left to open a notorious gambling club in London. For ten years, he’s lived life on his own terms. But when his older brother dies, Ian unexpectedly inherits the earldom. Ian hasn’t associated with the beau monde, other than the aristocrats who visit his casino and lose money at his gambling tables, in many years. He needs a mentor. Then Miss Grace Ashton walks into his club one night. Grace is the daughter of a baron who is a reckless gambler. In exchange for her father’s debts, Ian strikes a deal with Grace. If she agrees to give him gentlemanly lessons in the evenings, he will forgive the five-thousand-pound debt her father owes to him. What begins…