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“Meet the Author” with Kendra Elliot
Interviews / June 18, 2018

How old were you when you started writing? I was 38 when I started my first book. I had no intention of being an author when I started; I simply wanted to see if I could finish a book. I found a community of like-minded people and learned a ton about the creative process and the business side of writing. Once I finished that first book, I wondered if it was publish-worthy. It wasn’t. So I wrote another and another. My third book—after being rewritten a half-dozen times—finally sold. I didn’t enjoy writing in high school and college. My teachers had a way of destroying the pleasure of putting words on paper. I wrote to please them, not myself. What’s the most difficult part of being a full-time writer? What’s the most rewarding? Self-discipline. I write a novel every six months. I plan out my weeks of research, writing, and editing. I must stick to my schedule, or else I find myself in a stressful rush for the last month or two. The current book is always hanging over my head—it’s a cloud that never leaves. When I turn the book in, it’s immediately replaced by the next book. I…

School’s Out Mysteries
Cozy Corner / June 18, 2018

The last homework assignment has been completed. The last drive line has been driven. And the last school bell has rung…until August. Mom’s across America are breathing a sigh of relief— until next week when they have to scramble to entertain the bored kids. I have a few mysteries for you to enjoy during the short window of unabashed joy your kids are experiencing from the freedom of school responsibilities. For those teachers out there, enjoy the silence—you deserve it! ROCKETS’ DEAD GLARE by Lynn Cahoon Tourist Trap Mystery As sunny South Cove, California, gears up for their annual Fourth of July celebrations, a local murder threatens to kill the fireworks . . . South Cove’s local businesses are up in arms after volunteer fire chief Barry Gleason threatens to shut down anyone who doesn’t comply with the fire code. But when Barry schedules a training burn in an old abandoned barn, he is the only one who doesn’t come out alive. Jill Gardner—owner of Coffee, Books, and More—smells murder in the ashes. She’ll have to work quickly to nab a killer with a short fuse—or else everyone’s holiday will end with a fizzle . . . Mystery Woman Sleuth…