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Interview with hero Gray Rogers from DEFENDING ALLYE by Author Susan Stoker
Author Guest , Interviews / August 6, 2018

So you are the infamous Gray Rogers — former Navy SEAL, current “Mountain Mercenary”. What can you tell us about this group you belong to and how is it different from when you were in the military? We don’t exactly advertise our services. For the most part the Mountain Mercenaries are kept on the “down low” but we are allowed to talk about our group on an as needed basis. We all have regular “day” jobs for anyone who decides to dig into our background. The men on our team are all retired Special Forces soldiers from all branches of the military. In many ways, being a part of the Mountain Mercenaries is better than being in the military because of the lack of bureaucracy, our handler, Rex, deals with all that, we are left alone to get the job done. And we always get the job done. Your last assignment was suppose to be an information seeking assignment to gather intel on a kidnapping ring. But it turned a bit different. Give us a rundown of your mission. Right. Black and I were to intercept a boat in the Pacific and get information about a well-known human trafficker. Imagine…

Author Match | Scarlett Cole and DEEP COVER
MatchMaker / August 6, 2018

Writes: Steamy contemporary romance and romantic suspense. You want to party all night (read stay awake reading until 3am) with tortured rock stars, I’ve got you covered. The Preload men can’t wait to meet you. Want to spend time with the cool kids at the tattoo studio? Let’s go to Miami and hang with the gang at Second Circle Tattoos. Or you fancy a little suspense with your steamy? Perfect! Let my Navy SEALs take you out for a ride in their hard-bottomed inflatable (that is not a euphemism!) as you dodge bullets. My latest release, DEEP COVER, even has a little Ocean’s Eleven flare to it, when the super-smart heroine, Amy Murry, finds herself undercover in a casino alongside ex-special ops expert Cabe Moss, a man she needs to keep her hands off. About: I am a Scorpio star-sign and A-Type personality author on a personal mission to fight aging, gravity, and an epic sour candy addiction. Some days it works, on others, not so much! If only I didn’t love gin quite so much! I’m fortunate enough to call both Toronto, Canada and Manchester, UK home and speak with an accent that is a mash-up of the two….