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Patty Blount | Top 5 Favorite Young Adult Novels/Authors
Author Guest , Top 5 / August 17, 2018

Angie Thomas – THE HATE U GIVE is probably the best YA written in the last ten years. First, let me say straight up, I’m a white woman who’s never experienced racism. I’ve experienced sexism. But the closest I’ve come to experiencing real racism was listening to someone call Italians “dirty” while at a book fair. No one has ever called the police on me for sitting in a Starbucks or working out a gym. My first response to “Black lives matter” was “All lives matter.” Then I read this book and it changed my mind. It opened my eyes to the kind of fear people of color face on a daily basis. I’ve never feared the police. They’re heroes, right? But sometimes, they get it wrong. And when they get it wrong, people die. Only nobody punishes them. Nobody stops it or does anything to prevent it from happening again. Instead, they put blame on the dead. They shouldn’t have been where they were, worn what they wore, said what they said. Angie does an incredible job of presenting all the ugly sides to racism in this novel. Main character Star has a cop in her family – in…

Author Reader Match: Jacqueline Friedland
MatchMaker / August 17, 2018

Writes: Plot-driven historical fiction chock full of flawed characters yearning to be saved. Picture a complicated, brooding widower, a poverty-stricken teenager, an overly-entitled heiress, and a strong-willed runaway slave. Each is somehow able to bring light into the lives of others in ways that also help them to find their own redemption. About Me: Forty-year-old attorney-turned-author seeking readers for historical fiction about a heroic abolitionist in the antebellum South. Characters in this tale attempt to navigate the complicated social hierarchy of Charleston, South Carolina twenty years before the Civil War. When a young woman arrives in Charleston from England, destitute but relieved to be free from the troubles she left behind on the other side of the Atlantic, the reader will be treated to a fresh look at American society. Readers must be in the market for accessible prose and page-turning plot twists, surprising moments of love, deception, caution, and hope. Those uninterested in corsets and old-fashioned Southern balls need not apply. What I am looking for in my ideal reader Match: You are, above all, interested in a riveting story that will keep you turning pages. Your favorite books cross many genres but would include books along the lines…